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    Dear Users

    April 25, 2014 by Leader of Dark Army

       About a year ago I made this wiki, I had a strong intresest in clash of clans and had contributed greatly back in 2013. I have'nt used it since January of 2013 but I see many people have used it since and I am glad people are using it. Back when I made this wiki there was very little activity which was one of the reasons I had lost intrest in Clash o clans in general. 

       August of 2012 C.O.C was released, I started playing only two weeks after, making me an original player. But like I said 'sadly I lost interest 1 year ago and have'nt played since'.

       If anyone is still out there and can read this and is interested in this wiki, please contact me through message. And thank you everyone who contributed.   :)


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