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This is my awesome idea for a level 11 town hall!

Hit points: 7500

Build cost (gold): 5 million

Build time: 15 days

Bonuses: 2 more gold and elixir storage - can be stored up to 5,000,000 each at level 12 = 30,000,000,1 more dark elixir storage = level expanded to level 8 = 1mil Dark elixir,1 more dark elixir storage = level expanded to level 8 = 1mil Dark elixir,Healer Hero = Goddess, Giant Hero = Giant King

L 10 th 1

Instead of 2 look out towers in the corner like town hall level 10 has, town hall level 11 has 4 on each corner. Also, town hall level 11 has an archer tower for defense that's on top of the town hall that looks over your village and defends with 60 damage per hit and has a 10 tile range.

Town Hall-11
by: Sebbangbang99 A big thanks to my companions S3b00m and Preston for making my idea come true. They were the ones who rendered it. 
L 10 th

This is SynergyShad's photo.

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